At Temescal Works, it hasn’t been a great month to give up carbs.

Throughout June, as part of our first-anniversary celebrations, we’ve been hosting Waffle Wednesday, a once-a-week morning filled with starchy goodness. We supply the waffler iron, the batter and all the fixings. You supply the waffle-making expertise. Judging from the feedback we’ve received, it’s been a hit.

As if that weren’t enough on the carbo-loading front, we also had a mid-day mac-n-cheese extravaganza, with lunch supplied by our friends at Homeroom, the wildly popular mac-n-cheese restaurant on 40th Street. They brought us three heaping platters of mac-n-cheese (each a different recipe), along with lots of salad. And it all went fast. Next time, we’ll be sure to order even more.

June isn’t over yet. And neither are our anniversary commemorations. We’ve got one more Waffle Wednesday coming up on June 26. And our month-long give-aways are still in play. Sign up for a membership in June, and we’ll waive the $75 registration fee. And if you’re already a member, don’t forget to stop by the front desk to pick up your free Temescal Works t-shirt.

Thanks again for helping us celebrate.

You can start your keto diet in July.