When we call ourselves a ‘neighborhood coworking space,’ we mean that literally. We’re a group of local residents with deep roots in the Temescal community. We own homes here. We’ve raised kids (and dogs and cats) here. A number of us work here. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Long before we went into business together, all of us had been struck by what was then a dilapidated warehouse with lovely bones, languishing at the end of our block. When we decided to pool our money and purchase it, we saw it as more than a real estate venture. In our eyes, it was also an investment in our neighborhood.

After more than a year of restorations, we opted to turn it into a coworking space. A coworking space suited to Temescal, with all the modern amenities such businesses require but with a local purpose and personality.

We like to think Temescal Works is more than just a place to work. It’s where people find and create community, gather and celebrate, and can be inspired, creative, and productive.

Our story is always evolving, so check back on our gallery periodically.

Oakland Coworking at Temescal Works
490 43rd Street Oakland, CA 94609

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