Who We Are

When we call ourselves a ‘neighborhood coworking space,’ we mean that literally. We’re a group of local residents with deep roots in the Temescal community. We own homes here. We’ve raised kids (and dogs and cats) here. A number of us work here. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Long before we went into business together, all of us had been struck by what was then a dilapidated warehouse with lovely bones, languishing at the end of our block. When we decided to pool our money and purchase it, we saw it as more than a real estate venture. In our eyes, it was also an investment in our neighborhood.

After more than a year of restorations, we opted to turn it into a coworking space. A coworking space suited to Temescal, with all the modern amenities such businesses require but with a local purpose and personality. 


Oakland Coworking at Temescal Works
490 43rd Street Oakland, CA 94609

Map of 490 43rd Street

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