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An ecofriendly workspace is an investment in our neighborhood and environment.


We’re paying more for electricity to be provided from sources that are 100% carbon free – wind, solar and existing hydroelectric facilities.

All lights are on motion sensors;  if a space isn’t occupied for a set period, the lights will turn off. Many lights are on daylight sensors and dim when there is adequate daylight.

All lights are LED technology. These cost more than incandescent and fluorescent lights but save a lot of energy.

Natural gas conservation by keeping the building at a cool 68°F in winter. We believe it’s better to dress a bit warmer so we can minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Being a neighborhood coworking space means many members and visitors commute by walking, transit or bike. We have more than a dozen well used indoor and outdoor bike racks. You can bike to work knowing that you have a safe place to store your bike.

Hand washing faucets are  on motion sensors and water-using appliances are ultra-low flow.


Lots of Fresh Air! Air purifiers with UV light in all enclosed spaces, building-wide MERV-13 HVAC filters with oxidization units plus air extraction system.


Blue recycling bins available throughout the space, with multiple compost bins in our kitchen. We do our best to encourage people to sort what they throw away.

Getting takeout? Use a Temescal Works tote bag when picking up your food so we reduce single use bags. Ask us for your complimentary bag.

Single use plastic water bottles are a major environmental problem. Our water fountain has a bottle filler so you can easily fill your reusable water bottle. In one year alone, our members helped us maintain an ecofriendly workspace by refilling their bottles over 6,500 times instead of using single-use plastic water bottles.

The “paperless office” may arrive someday, but it’s not here yet. We use paper with maximum recycled content that is compatible with our printer/copier.

Oakland Coworking at Temescal Works
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