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How flexible are your memberships?

Very! Memberships are month-to-month, providing the stability of a workspace when you need it along with the flexibility you need to grow your business.

How do I make changes to my member account?

Changes to your member information and account can be done through the member portal by logging in here. You can update your credit card, change your address, see past payments, make new payments, etc.


What are your building hours? How do I gain access?

Building hours are 9AM-5PM. Select plans allow for 24/7 access with a key fob.

Am I allowed to bring my dog? What is your pet policy?

Our highest priority is to maintain a quality professional work environment for our Members. Pets can contribute to that in certain circumstances but can also be a detraction. If you want to bring a pet, please ask us first. We will work with you to see if we can agree on a trial period.

What’s the policy on phone use?

Temescal Works is a work environment, not a library, so phone use is expected. If you’re on the phone, please respect those around you by keeping a considerate tone. We have many phone booths, and strongly encourage using them when taking a call.

Who gets to use the kitchen?

We have a shared kitchen that’s available for anyone to use. Enjoy locally roasted coffee, an assortment of premium teas, and use of the refrigerator and microwaves.

Where can I park around here?

There’s street parking on 43rd Street, and metered parking on Telegraph Avenue. We’re also conveniently located 3 blocks from MacArthur BART, and steps away from AC Transit lines.

Is there a place for me to store my bike?

We’ve got you covered with both indoor and outdoor bike racks.

Mail Service

Do you provide mail service?

You may use our address to get mail and small packages delivered at no additional charge while you have an active monthly dedicated desk or office membership. We’ll hold your mail and small packages at the reception desk. This is an add-on for all other member types — just ask!

Do you provide virtual mail service?

Yes! Read more about our virtual mail services.

Computer Stuff

Is your Internet secure?

Yes, our Internet connection is very secure. Once a device connects to our network (via WiFi or Ethernet), it is given an IP address and is “jailed” in a holding cell. An offsite RADIUS authentication server is what grants or denies access to the network. A user must provide a username and password to be granted access. If you have sensitive data and wish to be on a network isolated from the main member network, ask us about having your own VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network).

How fast is the Internet?

We have a 500mbps download and 500mbps upload speed over Ethernet Fiber technology.

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