Like all of you, we have lives outside of Temescal Works. We also had lives before Temescal Works. Take Ellen Kim, one of our team members. You probably recognize her. Warm smile. Sharp fashion sense. In her pre-co-working incarnation, Ellen was a floral designer who ran her own company, Gingerleaf Floral.

Then there’s Danny Fernandez, another lynchpin in our operation. Odds are you’ve met him, too. Dark hair. Outgoing. Endlessly amiable and energetic. In a prior life, Danny was a landscape architect. As we were busy getting Temescal Works off the ground, Ellen and Danny’s skills were invaluable, and their touch is evident throughout the building.

Among the many examples of their influence are the splashes of greenery that dot both floors, an eye-pleasing array of succulents that range from agapanthus and craspedia to palm leaves and husks. Danny and Ellen can give you all the names. The two of them teamed up to procure, design and lay out these potted arrangements.

We think they make a pleasing natural compliment to our modern industrial space. We hope you think so, too. As our business continues to grow and evolve, our indoor plants will likely change as well, and Danny and Ellen will no doubt have a hand in that transformation. We’re also hoping that the rest of us might get a chance to show off some of our hidden talents. Sara, for example, who works the front desk—she plays a pretty mean kazoo.