Among the many elements to our mission—providing our members with a clean, modern, comfortable and efficient co-working space; brewing good coffee; hosting community-minded events; greeting you with a smile when you walk through our door—environmental responsibility is high up on the list.

That’s not just talk.

At Temescal Works, we’ve taken action by opting to receive 100 percent of our electricity from renewable sources.

We’ve done this by signing up with East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), an innovative non-profit that partners with the local utility (PG&E) to provide Alameda County businesses and residences with electricity from clean, renewable sources such as solar and wind.

You can learn more about EBCE by checking out its website at But the gist is this: EBCE procures clean power for its customers, and PG&E delivers it, just as it did before, meaning that the switch-over is pretty much seamless. At our co-working space, the lights still turn on and off, just as they always have; the Big-Ass Fan on the ceiling (yes, that’s what it’s called) still whirs in the same way; the coffee grinder grinds on, as ever.

But the electricity itself comes from a cleaner place.

Making the change at our building was simple and smooth, a small, uncomplicated step toward reducing greenhouse gases and helping meet community climate-action goals.

We want to give you lots of reasons to feel good about being part of Temescal Works. And we hope you’ll see this as one of them.