Vietnamese summer rolls with crab and mango. Smoked salmon tartine with fromage blanc.

As good as all that sounds, it tasted even better, as you know if you joined us Jan. 9 for our most recent afternoon social at Temescal Works.

We like to hold such gatherings every now and then for a couple of reasons: to get to know one another a little better; and, quite frankly, to give ourselves a break.

Even at a neighborhood space that promotes productivity, it can’t be all work, all the time.

Credit for this especially delicious social goes to Temescal Works’ own Paula Silver, who organized the shindig. And to the generosity and talent of catering wizard Hugh Groman, who whipped up a menu for us that was worthy of the finest evening out.

The dishes noted above represent only a partial list of everything that Groman and his crew got going. The spread also featured artichoke heart and crimini mushroom frittata; sake and garlic-marinated chicken skewers; endive spears laden with gorgonzola and roasted beets. And on.

You get the idea.

We can’t promise that we’ll feed you like this everyday.  But you can count on festive get togethers being part of the social fabric at Temescal Works.

We’ll keep you posted when we schedule our next one. And we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

Meantime, if you want to learn more about Hugh Groman . . .