As you may have noticed, there’s been work going on at Temescal Works, and not the kind that happens on a laptop. It’s the kind of work that happens with hammers and nails.

Behind those plastic curtains at the back of the mezzanine level, a construction project is underway. We’re building four new offices, part of our continuing efforts to meet our members’ needs.

We know that construction can be noisy and dusty. Hence the curtains, and our construction schedule. To minimize disruptions, we’re having the work done on weekends and after-hours. We’re expecting the offices to be finished by the first week of February, which is just around the corner.

In case you’re wondering: all four offices are already spoken for, but we have a wait list for office space, so it’s possible we’ll be building more later this year.

Meantime, thanks for your patience with the construction. We’re looking forward to pulling down those curtains. We know those offices will be put to good use, and we think you’ll like what you see.