Printer Drivers

How do I print?

Our printer is a Sharp MX-3070V. Follow the instructions below to download and load the appropriate printer driver to print from your computer.

  1. Select your operating system: Windows | Mac
  2. Save and open the file that was downloaded.
  3. (If on a Mac) Select the folder with your operating version, and double click the installer. Follow the setup directions. When done installing the driver, please move on to step 7.
  4. (If on Windows) Unzip the downloaded folder (if not done automatically), then open the folder “UD2_02_PCL6_1510a”. Double click the “Setup.exe” and follow the directions. This should setup the printer for you too.
  5. Navigate to “Properties” > “Advanced” and select “Printing Defaults”.
  6. Under “Job Handling”, select “User Number” and input your Printer Number. The field to enter your Printer Number may be called something different in your operating system, so you may have to play around and see what field to enter this in. Click “OK”. You should now be able to print.
  7. Continuing with a Mac setup: Open your system preferences and then open the “Printers & Scanners” menu.
  8. Now we need to add the printer to your system by selecting the “+” icon at the bottom of the Printers list.
  9. In the next window select “IP” from the top tab and input the IP address “” in to the “Address” field. Be sure the “Protocol” drop down menu has “Line Printer Daemon – LPD” selected.
  10. Next in the “Name” field you can give the printer a friendly name. “Temescal Works Printer” is a good one to use. You’ll also want to be sure the “Use” drop down menu reads “SHARP MX-3070V PPD”. Then click the “Add” button, followed by the “OK” button on the next menu. Now the printer has been installed.
  11. You’ll need to enter your Printer Number in to the “Job Handling” section of the printer dialog box. The printer dialog settings vary depending on your operating system or platform, so there are different ways to get to the “Job Handling” section. Try this:
    1. Open your document to print.
    2. Select “Print”.
    3. Ensure the correct printer is selected.
    4. Under “Copies and Pages” (or “SHOW DETAILS”, or a section with pull-down options), select “Job Handling”.
    5. Select “Authentication”.
    6. Select the “User Number” radio button, and enter your printer number.
    7. From the “Presets” pull-down menu, select “Save Current Setting as Preset…”
    8. Select the field for “Preset Name” and enter “Temescal Works”.
    9. Click “OK”.
    10. You are ready to print!
  12. If the above instructions don’t work, please contact the Community Manager for assistance.

Do you have more information on using the printer?

For additional information on how to print, copy and scan, go to: