Being invested in our neighborhood means being invested in our environment, and we’ve implemented a number of things to create an ecofriendly workspace.

We’re all concerned about climate change and we are committed to minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions from our workplace.

  • We’re paying more for electricity to be provided from sources that are 100% carbon free – wind, solar and existing hydroelectric facilities.
  • All our lights are on motion sensors; if a space isn’t occupied for a set period, the lights will turn off.
  • Almost all our lights are LED technology. These cost more than incandescent and fluorescent lights but save a lot of energy.
  • We conserve natural gas by keeping the building at a cool 68°F in winter. We believe it’s better to dress a bit warmer so we can minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Being a neighborhood coworking space means many members and visitors commute by walking or bike. We have more than a dozen well used indoor bike racks (including ones for fat tires). You can bike to work knowing that you have a safe place to store your bike.

We’re serious about recycling, composting and reducing single-use plastics.

  • We have blue recycling bins throughout the space, and multiple compost bins in our kitchen. We do our best to encourage people to sort what they throw away.
  • Single use plastic water bottles have become a major environmental problem. Our water fountain has a bottle filler so you can easily fill your reusable water bottle. In one year alone, our members have refilled their own water bottles over 6,500 times instead of using single-use plastic water bottles.
  • The “paperless office” may arrive someday, but it’s not here yet. We use paper with maximum recycled content that is compatible with our printer/copier.